New Year’s Resolutions That Don’t Cost Money

New Year’s Resolutions That Don’t Cost Money


5, 4, 3, 2, 1—HAPPY NEW YEAR!


Now is the time when we review the past, reflect on its impact, and strive to make changes for the year ahead.  Before you spend hundreds or thousands to achieve these changes, give your wallet a break:  Consider these free New Year’s Resolutions instead.


Get Healthy


The amount of people who vow to get healthy as a New Year’s Resolution is staggering:  Over 62,000,000 people sought out ways to start 2017 with better health than the previous year.  While you can always shell out your hard-earned cash to join a fancy gym, or purchase a case of your hairdresser’s “mega-nutritious superfood protein shakes” from his Facebook page, getting healthy doesn’t have to cost a dime.  In many cases, it can even save you money!  You can start with small changes, like going to bed and waking up 15 minutes earlier to do mindful stretching each morning.  Use the far parking spot when you arrive at work.  Opt for an apple instead of a candy bar with your lunch.  Drink water instead of soda with dinner.  How about going for an evening jog instead of camping out on the couch? When you start with small changes, and really stick with them, making healthier choices becomes second-nature.


Spend More Time With Family


In your golden years, you’ll never look back and think, “I wish I’d spent less time with my children.”  With today’s hectic times, it’s easy to lose sight of how important it really is to prioritize time with your family.  Have regular family meetings, and decide on fun family activities you can do together.  You might want to hold a yard sale, start a compost bin to make a soil supplement for your vegetable garden, arrange a get-together with your neighbors, or spend a quiet weekend at your country home.  Whatever you decide, just remember to make lots of family memories along the way.


Learn Something New


Did you get a pair of knitting needles for Christmas, buy you don’t have a clue what to do with them?  Take the initiative to learn now.  You don’t need to hire a private tutor to learn something new.  Search for instructional videos on YouTube, if you learn well on your own.  If self-taught isn’t best for you, check the events calendar at your local library to see if there are any related clubs or groups you can join.  Your town’s community center may offer free continuing adult education courses as well.  With a little diligence, you can learn new things completely free-of-charge.


Obtain Owner-Financed Land


Ok, so this one’s not entirely free.  However, you can purchase any piece of our owner-financed land for only $295 down, with no credit check.  With that tiny amount required to own a genuine piece of the American dream, it’s practically free!  For almost fifty years, we at Hurdle Land & Realty have been helping real people just like you get a fair chance to buy land for your family, without the hassle of dealing with the mortgage lenders, lawyers, assessors, paperwork, commissions, etc. of a traditional loan.  We want you to buy the land you’ve always wanted!  See our FAQ for more information on our company, or you can search for owner-financed properties here.


With a little patience, and a positive attitude, you can make a real change in your life this upcoming year.  If you decide that change includes owning the property of your dreams, contact us today.  It all begins with one phone call.  Happy New Year!