8 Valentine’s Day Date Ideas in the Country

8 Valentine’s Day Date Ideas in the Country

It’s all about simplicity when it comes to dating in the country. Valentine’s Day is a great time to see how romance goes with the rural life in a more relaxed way than it does with city life. You don’t need a lot of money to sweep your sweetie off her feet after building your own home in Georgia or wherever you’ve decided to settle down.

Here are 8 ideas:

1. Sit Under the Stars in Your Truck Bed

One of the best things about country life is the lack of light pollution you find in the night sky. In February, it gets a little chilly, so one (of many) ways to keep warm is to go out into a pile of pillows and blankets in the back of the truck. Snuggle up and count the stars.

2. Serenade Your Sweetie

Pull your guitar out—this is the reason you’ve been practicing! Pick out a few sweet, slow tunes to sing after dinner and see where it leads you.

3. Shoot Targets

Find some targets and get your gun. If she’s never held a gun, this is a great excuse to get close and teach her. Even if she’s a pro, some competition could be fun as you set your targets up all over your land and see who’s got a better shot.

4. Go Four-Wheeling

Best after a good ground-soaking, it’s hard not to have a blast splashing through the mud to find all kinds of new trails in the woods. When you find your way back home, the rest of the fun comes in getting cleaned up.

5. Watch the Sun

Set from Your Front Porch Swing When building your country home, you know the first thing you wanted to make sure you had was a front porch. And the most important part of that porch is the swing you had to have installed… which is comes in perfectly handy on Valentine’s Day when you can swing the night away with your honey’s head resting on your shoulder.

6. Watch Movies Cuddled Up by the Fire

Whether you decide to make your date on the couch inside by the fire, or make a bonfire out in your yard, pull up a great Nicholas Sparks movie, old or new, on your TV or phone. You won’t have to leave each other’s arms, unless someone has to get the tissue box.

7. Make a Snowman

February is your best chance for snow down south. So if the weather is on your side, you can spend this holiday out playing in the snow. Snowmen and snowball fights are fun at any age, especially before you go inside to warm up with some hot cocoa.

8. Go Horseback Riding

With all this wide-open space, you have a perfect setting to get on a couple of horses and go exploring. If you’ve never done it, be ready for a challenge because it’s tougher than you think. Learn together or from each other and triumph in your success, or laugh at your follies. Either way, you’ll be making memories together.

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