School’s Out: Unique Summer Activities to Do with the Kids


Summer time is an exciting time for kids—and parents, too.

The school year is challenging and tiring, and many parents simply look forward to the quality family time that summer brings.

For kids, summertime is the highlight of their year. They can explore, play, sleep in, and enjoy new experiences!

Unfortunately, those new experiences need to be planned by a parent—and that takes some careful research and inspiration.

Well, we’re here to help.

Check out our ideas for unique summer activities to do with the kids.

Go Canoeing

If your kids are old enough (at least 4 years old), a canoeing adventure is the perfect way to spend a summer weekend.

Tennessee has lots of rivers, and plenty of great canoeing excursion specialists to help you have the experience you want.

Experience the Harpeth River with Foggy Bottom Canoe in Kingston Springs, Tennessee.

Foggy Bottom will provide canoes, transportation to your preferred drop-off point and transportation back to the station once your adventure is over.

They’ll even load and unload your equipment so you can carry your snacks and swim gear for the day.

The Harpeth is an easy river to float. It’s not deep, and there are multiple banks and sandbars so you can rest or eat. There’s also plenty of room to swim and get some sun! You might even spot some interesting wildlife while you’re out.

Not near Kingston Springs?

That’s okay!

There are plenty of other rivers and canoe rental spots that you can add to your list:

·         The River Rat’s Canoe Rentals

·         Crazy Horse Canoe Rental

·         Cumberland Kayak Urban Adventure Company

Make a Homemade Slip and Slide

It’s a hot summer day, and the public pool is too far away.

Why not make use of your yard and create a makeshift Slip and Slide?

All you need is thick plastic sheeting. Make sure the material is wide enough. 10 ft X 50 feet is a good length.

This brand comes in rolls of 10 feet X 25. Simply buy as many as you need for the slide length you want.

You can attach Velcro to link your plastic sheets together, and even put up bumpers on your Slip and Slide—it depends on what your kids want and the level of safety you’re going for.

If you want to put way more effort into creating the slide surface, you can use garbage bags and duct tape.

Make sure the Slip and Slide is situated in a gently downward sloping area. Otherwise, you won’t gain as much speed when you slide.

For optimal slide action, you can pour a little baby soap on your plastic sheet and mix it in with the water.

Add in some inner tubes or floaties, and you have the perfect summer DIY project (and a great way to stay cool).

Check out this mom’s homemade Slip and Slide.

Create a Giant Outdoor Board Game

Have a great yard or back patio?

Turn it into a huge outdoor board game for the kids!

You can use tape, washable paint or chalk to draw the board game onto your chosen surface…but first you have to have an idea!

Sit down with the kids to come up with a concept for your game.

If they aren’t interested in making up their own, you can imitate games that they already know and love.

You can even create your own personalized game pieces so each child will have their own unique piece of the game.

Check into arts and crafts store for large, unfinished wooden shapes that your kids can paint and personalize.

A large plush dice pillow is perfect for throwing and deciding on turns and moves.

When you’re ready to change the game, simply peel off the tape or wash off the chalk—and start over!

Get Ready for Summer with Land from Hurdle Land and Realty

If you dream of having a large yard for summertime activities, Hurdle Land and Realty can help you out.

We have a variety of plots available this summer, any of which is perfect for those outdoor activities that kids love.

Contact us today to learn more about our land and how you can become a landowner this summer.