Cold Weather Got the Kids Trapped Inside? It’s Time for Crafts!

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Wintertime is here, which means many wonderful things like snow, the holidays..and lots of time indoors.

For parents, this can equal stir-crazy kids who are desperate to find something fun to do.

If your kids are used to having lots of time outside, they might get a little antsy when the temperature drops.

There are ways to make the best of it, however.

Check out these easy cold weather crafts that you can do with your kids this winter.

1. Make a Frozen Bird Feeder

So you’ve got a ton of food in your pantry and a couple of bored kids who are out of school on a snow day.

Why not make use of those extra ingredients and give your kids something to do?

A frozen bird feeder is the perfect cold-weather craft!

If you have Cheerios, cornflakes, crackers, sunflower seeds, dried fruits or nuts, you’re in business.

Have the kids get together to crunch up all of the ingredients into a molding pan—small molding pans work best for the most accessible feeders.

Once your ingredients are sufficiently crunched, add water to your pan, and set it outside to freeze.

Once your feeders are frozen, you can hang them on tree branches around your yard—and wait for the birds to arrive.

2. Try the Melting Ice Science Experiment

If you want your cold-day craft to be educational, consider the Melting Ice Science Experiment!

All you need is ice, course salt (rock salt and sea salt work well), and food coloring.

You’ll need to prep the night before by freezing water in a few different bowls. When it’s time to start your experiment, simply take the ice blocks out of their bowls and lay them out one a table.

Sprinkle the ice blocks with salt or make piles of salt on top—and add food coloring to see the patterns and tunnels it makes as the ice melts with the salt.

Your kids will love watching science (and color) in action.

3. Make Tissue-Paper Suncatchers

Wintertime can seem dreary and gray.

But tissue-paper suncatchers can help add some color and light to your kids’ snow day inside—plus, they’re incredibly easy to make!

You’ll need a few embroidery hoop frames or a paper plate frame (simple cut a large circle in the middle of a paper plate and voila!).

You’ll also need multi-colored tissue paper, a hot glue gun and some wax paper. You’ll also need to create a watered-down glue mixture.

1. Use the hot glue gun to glue a sheet of wax paper over the circle of the embroidery hoop

2. Cut off the excess wax paper with scissors or utility knife

3. Make different shapes out of your multi-colored tissue paper. You can cut triangles, squares, diamonds or circles. Get creative!

4. Use a brush to apply your tissue-paper shapes to the wax paper. You can also add feathers, glitters or beads.

5. Hang them up to dry overnight.

Suncatchers make beautiful decorations for windows and look great from the outside, too!

Cold weather doesn’t have to take the fun out of life. With these great indoor crafts, your kids can stay entertained and engaged.

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